Rugby in Cambridge

I’m not watching sport any more. It is an emotional cost I can no longer afford.

sadirishI watched a bit of rugby over the weekend. Union, not League (two entirely different codes of the game). There may have been a bit of League going on too, I wouldn’t know. It’s only really recognised in the north of the country.

But there was certainly some Union going on. Ireland played New Zealand, and lost, as usual. Ireland, it should be noted, have never in the history of rugby beaten New Zealand. It was an exciting game. I’ve supported Ireland all my life (my family being Irish). It is not one of the very strongest teams in the world, but they have their moments. On Sunday they were up against a New Zealand team which has not lost a game in 2013, winning all thirteen they’ve played (now all fourteen – draws are pretty rare in Rugby Union). To repeat, Ireland have never beaten them, the record being played 28, lost 27, drawn 1 (in 1973).

Well on Sunday they came pretty close, romping to a huge first half lead, and then holding off the inevitable come-back, successfully, until two minutes into injury time when the All Blacks drew level with a try and then converted for victory with the last kick of the game.

I couldn’t speak for half an hour after the game, and this blog post is by way of catharsis. And while it pains me greatly, I think it will be psychologically healthy if I post the highlights.


Rugby in Cambridge is most commonly associated with the university, which plays a famous game against Oxford once a year, but there is a professional club in Cambridge as well. The Cambridge Rugby Union Football Club are in the fourth tier of the English league system. The fourth tier is divided into a North and a South division, with Cambridge in the South. And this season they’re doing pretty well – third in the league after twelve games.

The ground is just to the south of Cambridge, on the Grantchester Road, and tickets cost a tenner (if you arrive an hour beforehand).

But be warned: following sports is no fun at all. And that’s before you get to the cricket, of which I will not speak.