About Us

Cambridge’s premier language school is centrally located, a short walk from the city centre. Its elegant building, combining three traditional terraced houses with stylish contemporary design, offers students the most up-to-date learning environment with its modern self-access centre, light and spacious teaching rooms and purpose-built lecture theatre.

Business Quatorial

While keeping to our tradition of providing uniquely tailored programmes to each individual client, we are now able to complement this with a contemporary study environment.

We are proud to lead the way with our cutting edge media-projection systems placed in every group teaching room to aide you with your learning.

There is WiFi throughout and we provide universal power points for charging your phones and computers.

Business TutorialProfessional Progression

We have an outstanding team of qualified and experienced tutors with a wide variety of career backgrounds, university degree specialisations and language competencies, allowing us to match you with tutors who are
knowledgeable about your work area and have an understanding of your needs.

OISE Cambridge 2011-160Academic Advancement

Our carefully designed academic and examination preparation programmes are second to none and our unique approach to coaching you allows you to increase your level of English and achieve your goals in a short space of time.

OISE Cambridge is an ideal venue to experience stimulating cultural diversity, to network and establish lasting relationships. In 2012 we welcomed 27 nationalities. We are extremely proud of our warm and friendly atmosphere and we are dedicated to making your stay a successful and enjoyable one.

OISE Cambridge 2011-195


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