Best Pub in Cambridge

I notice Springwatch is still going strong on BBC2, which surprises me since I thought it was summer. I suppose these things are flexible in a northern clime. And things change slowly on BBC2.

Yesterday, however,there was some proper sun, however, warm and summer-like. The sort of weather where you might consider sitting out in the evening and having a beer.

...sit out... have a beer  Pieter Bruegel the Elder

…sit out… have a beer
Pieter Bruegel the Elder

And I was cheered to read that one of my favorite Cambridge pubs, the Mill, has been named this year among CAMRA’s top 200 pubs in the UK. The Mill was one of the best pubs in the city when I was a student, with an ever-changing selection of cask ales and, if I recall, some extraordinarily strong cider with bits floating in it which they served in thirds of a pint for our own safety. It was (and is) particularly pleasant in summer since it overlooks the river by Scudamore’s boat yard, and most people sit outside on the grass.

In subsequent years, The Mill went into a decline, and the last time I was there (seven or eight years ago, I suppose) it had become a slightly dingy locale. But it was taken over by new management in 2012, and is now run by the same company which set up the Cambridge Brew House on King Street, (which I have mentioned before); it will now go forward to compete against other pubs in the Best in Region.

And while proposals by the same company to open a third Cambridge pub on Regent Street have met with strong opposition from Downing College, on the grounds that it will upset the students (!?), it seems that the ratio of good pubs to bad pubs continues to improve.