Misanthropes and Jesters

It seems you can now find out which part of the UK you should be living in according to various personality descriptors such as extraversion, neuroticism, conscientiousness, and openness. Neurotic birds of a feather, it seems, flock together.

So Cambridge is only 38% right for me. Why? I do not know. I am possibly not extravert enough (!?); or I am too open. I would be more at home – indeed, most at home – in Yorkshire, somewhere up near Skipton in a district known as Craven (when I clicked on my results and saw Craven in big letters, I thought that was my personality type). But even in my personal paradise of Skipton, my maximum expected life satisfaction, is only 44%. I may as well stay put I suppose. I would be least at home in Corby (25%), which at least I can credit. And so on.

The test is based on wide-ranging but evidently rather simplistic questionnaires. I never convinced by self-reporting of this sort. How happy am I at the moment? Haven’t a clue. Would you describe yourself as generally lazy? Neither agree nor disagree. And so on.

Take the test here.

A Misanthrope visits Corby - Breugel the Elder

A Misanthrope visits Corby – Breugel the Elder


In other personality news, Jeremy Clarkson has been fired from Top Gear for assaulting his producer, both verbally and physically. I have never been beaten up by my boss, but imagine it would be rather traumatic. The BBC seems to agree.

Many people (living, I must suppose, in places like Corby; or perhaps, just in Corby) disagree. They have come out strongly in support of the BBC’s resident jester. Over 1 million people signed an online petition demanding that he be allowed to stay (so perhaps not just in Corby), and a considerably number vented their rage on Twitter, most in the direction of the unfortunate producer, who is doubly cursed.


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