The Stork, and Other Technologies

Former and some present students of OISE Cambridge will remember Chloe, who worked with devastating efficiency and charm in the office, and may also recall her striking increase in girth in recent months. Well on Wednesday night she was delivered of a baby boy, who glories in the name Severn George Art Brown – Seve, for short. He weighed in at 7lb 6oz, which sounds about right, I think. We wish her and her family all best wishes.


The stork comes in unusual shapes these days – Amazon has announced that it is to begin trialling its drone delivery service in Cambridge, at the site of its recent acquisition, Evi Technologies. With luck we’ll see their octocopters fizzing around the city, crashing into power lines and Stuka’ing payloads of ‘gifts’ on to pushchairs and the elderly and the slow-witted.

Evi is in fact a speech recognition company, so the move to test drone technology there represents a considerable widening of Amazon’s R+D presence in the city. They have already started advertising for various specialists.

The move coincides, if rumours are to be believed, with a new Apple R+D research facility, to be located (possibly) just over the road from the school, at 90 Hills Road. Apple and Amazon will join Microsoft (just around the corner) and Nokia, both of whom are long-established in Cambridge (Google, on the other hand, seems to be focussing on Oxford, which sounds like a death-knell to me).

Exciting times then, if you’ve just been born, and have all the time you need to master a bit of coding, stretching out ahead of you.


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