Salisbury, if you absolutely must

Salisbury in the west of England has made the top ten of visitable places for 2015, in the Lonely Planet guides. I can’t believe you’d have a better time visiting Salisbury than you would Cambridge, just to take an example, but there you go.

The awards are partly made on the basis of key years for or big events to be held by a given city, and Salisbury admittedly has the best preserved of the four extant copies of Magna Carta, which will be celebrating its 800th birthday next year (and which I recently posted about, here). Cambridge can’t compete with that (its own 800th anniversary was celebrated five years ago, after all, and there are no prizes for celebrating your 806th anniversary).

Scratching around, it also has a rather imposing cathedral. The spire is the tallest in England at 123m (coincidentally, we also have at the school at the moment a denizen of the city which has the highest spire in the world (161m)- Ulm, in Germany). And inside the cathedral, you can visit evensong.

At which point I will just mention that I saw many of our students piling into a fleet of taxis (well, two) yesterday evening, heading up to evensong at King’s College, which is also impressive in its way.

So there you go. Visit Salisbury in 2015. But don’t spend too long about it. It won’t be in the top ten for very long.


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