Odd Goblets

We take our recycling very seriously at OISE, which is just as well given how much paper a language school necessarily gets through. Here, for example, is the photocopier recycle-point.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

I should explain that our recycling box is not the property of Downing College (unless they are emptying it without my knowledge); nor are there any odd goblets stored under that mass of paper (although now that I think of it, I’ve never actually looked). The box, you will also notice, has been removed from the buttery.


Teachers like recycling. Not only do they tend to self-select from liberal breeding stock, but they get ritually hammered with environmental units in every course book they open. Like it or not (and I do like it, of course) we are all advocates for environmental sanity.

Teachers also like recycling, however, because it lies at the root of good classroom practice. See a word once and you will barely notice it; see it twice or three times and you stand a chance of forging a neuronal pathway that will last.

And we now have access to that vault of Culture Recycled, Youtube. Many years ago I used a tape of the following (Flanders and Swann) in a lesson (not, I should add, at OISE) – nominally, I think, to illustrate the rhyme of gone with horn. A useless lesson perhaps, but one that I could now recycle if I so wished. As I do here.





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