Nuclear Visit

Visits to nuclear power stations are becoming a regular feature at OISE Cambridge. A week last Friday, Kentaro, who regular readers will remember designs robots for use in nuclear power stations, paid a visit with Richard to the nuclear power station at Sizewell on the Suffolk coast.

IMG_1321 IMG_1318

Kentaro told me that he was curious to see a Westinghouse nuclear power station, since they are rivals to his own company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. In the event, he was unable to carry out his intended industrial espionage, because visitors are not permitted inside the main generator hall for safety reasons, but he was able to visit the turbine hall, the back-up generators, the steam cooling facility and, needless to say, the visitor centre, where the photographs were taken.



Nuclear power stations are typically found in odd, isolated parts of the countries they help power, and Sizewell B is no exception – the Suffolk coast is flat, eerie, and wild in its way. This is nothing, however, compared with the location Kirk Sorensen was asked to consider  for a thorium reactor while at NASA. Namely, the moon.


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