Mill Road Feast

Further to yesterday’s blog, in which I posted a link to a BBC daytime magazine which focussed on Cambridge and its food traditions (?!), my group announced in a presentation it was giving on an imaginary flower show/rock concert to be held across the city that different neighbourhoods of Cambridge would be presenting typical foodstuffs and dishes, and vying with each other for the foodie crown. I pointed out to them that the only traditional foods I could think of linked with Cambridge were the Chelsea buns at Fitzbillies (which can be shipped around the world, if you so desire), and the roast swan at St. John’s College.


But I was of course exaggerating. While it would be pushing a point to say that Cambridge has a wide-ranging and idiosyncratic cuisine, it remains the case that a great variety of food, much of it very good, can be found across the city. Notable in this respect is Mill Road, which likes to style itself the Mill Road Mile and was recently featured in a Daily Telegraph run-down of the best high streets in Britain (read it here). As a student, I never got further down it than Fagito’s the kebab house with their legendary spicy potatoes; but I realise now that I was probably missing a great deal.

This Sunday, Mill Road will host the second (I think) Mill Road Feast, in the car park at Gwyder Street. Based on London street feasts, the Feast will offer a variety of hot street food, places to sit and eat, and a range of local produce with a harvest theme. So it seems my group were spot on, except for the flowers, and Elton John.

Feast September


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