Little Cambridge

I posted a couple of weeks ago on research undertaken by insectologists at Harvard University, and I mentioned that research with a little pride, because of course Harvard is a scion of Cambridge University, and it is nice to see them doing well.

Harvard_Colledge_plaque,_Harvard_University_-_IMG_8970Harvard University was named in honour of John Harvard, an English clergyman and alumnus of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Harvard had emigrated to New England in 1637, and survived the experience for only one year before dying of tuberculosis. On his death he bequeathed half of his monetary estate (£780) and his 320 volume library to a college founded a year or two previously in Newtowne, Massachusetts (which in Harvard’s lifetime was renamed Cambridge after the English town). That college became Harvard University.

A stained glass window in Emmanuel College commemorates the event (Harvard is standing next to Laurence Chaderton, Puritan divine and one of the translators of the King James Bible, and first master of Emmanuel College after its foundation in 1583; Chaderton lived to the age of 103).

photo: Dolly 442

photo: Dolly 442




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