Art and Life

Kettle’s Yard is currently hosting an exhibition focussing on British artists Ben and Winifred Nicholson (1894-1982 and 1893-1981 respectively) and artists associated with them from the time of their marriage, namely Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis, and William Staite Murray (visit the exhibition homepage, here).

Photo: Andrew Dunn

Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge – Photo: Andrew Dunn

The originator of the Kettle’s Yard house and collection, Jim Ede was a friend of the Nicholsons (Ben Nicholson spent a number of years towards the end of his life living in Cambridge) and collected a number of their works, and it is these which form the core of the exhibition; but others are drawn from various national collections, especially the Tate Gallery at St. Ives in Cornwall.

Nicholson visited St. Ives with his friend, the artist Christopher Wood, for the first time in 1928, where they met Alfred Wallis (who was both a fisherman and an artist).


After the war, Ben Nicholson and his second wife, the sculptor Barbara Hepworth, moved to St. Ives permanently, and they remained in the town for many years (Hepworth until her death in 1975). Hepworth’s studio subsequently became the Barbara Hepworth Museum, and St. Ives is also home now to one of the Tate Galleries, holding collections both of her work and Nicholson’s, and of the group of artists associated with them and the town.

A number of Hepworth’s sculptures can be seen in Cambridge, notable that at Churchill College, and the large white object next to the cafe at the Fitzwilliam Museum, called Minoan Head (1972).

Four Square Walk Through, Churchill College - photo: Dmn

Four Square Walk Through, Churchill College – photo: Dmn




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