Here the winds are so black and terrible. They rush with such force that the house shudders, though the old walls are very solid and thick. Only occasionally the gulls rise very slowly into the air. And all the while the wind rushes and thuds and booms, and all the while the sea is hoarse and heavy. It is strange, one forgets the rest of life. It shuts one in within its massive violent world. Sometimes a wave bursts with a great explosion against one of the outlying rocks, and there is a tremendous ghost standing high on the sea, a great tall whiteness.

D.H. Lawrence, 1916, Cornwall

It is windy.

The winds have not been so bad in Cambridge, although they have been bad enough. Ireland has borne the brunt – a quarter of a million people in the South Western counties of Cork and Kerry are without electricity, and gusts have been recorded of 112 mph (180 kph). In Wales and the South West of England, wind speeds have also gusted up over 100 mph, while the flooding continues. The West Coast mainline train service is cancelled (Virgin Trains, who operate the service, issued a dramatic tweet (modern times) yesterday afternoon, advising all passengers to abandon travel, with immediate effect.

And so on. Such is life from time to time in the North Atlantic.


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