As part of the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival, a series of projections and illuminations will grace various buildings in the centre of Cambridge – the Senate House, King’s College Chapel, St. John’s College, the Mathematical Bridge at Queens’ College and others – between 1730 and 2200 each night between 12th and 23rd February. Assuming the rain abates – and perhaps more so if it doesn’t – it will be quite a sight.

E-luminate 2013 - Susie Olczak

E-luminate 2013 – Susie Olczak

E-Luminate, so far as I can gather from their (ironically, rather opaque) website, is an organisation committed to the conjoining of ‘ambitious art with imaginative technology to shed light on low carbon innovation’. Sounds simple enough.

The organisation in turn comes under the umbrella of something called Accelerate Cambridge, an initiative of the Judge Institute which claims its mission as ‘enabling meaningful venture creation out of Cambridge’ (rather than, say, enabling meaningful English, out of words). All very exciting and hard to imagine. I’m sure however, that the light show will be very pretty.


In other noctilucent news, Cambridge City Council is trialling a star path, a luminescent blue path across Christ’s Piece which glows after dark with light absorbed during the day.

This will reduce the need for street lighting, it is hoped – increasingly a priority for many councils in these austere times. Many councils, in fact, have already cut street lighting in side streets after midnight in an effort to save money, with the felicitous side benefit that the sky is darker, less light polluted, than before. We are a long way from achieving dark-sky status out here in the Fens, but the star path is a start.


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