One of our students, Shinjiro Inomata, has been on a trip to Sizewell B nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast, in the company of Richard.


If you ask me, Richard’s looking a bit nervy, perhaps because they have given him a radioactive hat to wear (he also appears at first glance to be holding a bottle of irradiated Lucozade with a half-life of about six seconds, but that is an optical illusion).

However, he’s in safe hands with Shin. Shin has been with us for ten weeks. In his penultimate week, he gave us a great presentation on pressurised water reactors (PWRs), the sort they have at Sizewell B, and showed us something of their internal structure. Shin himself works for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, as a design engineer working on components in the interior of the reactor.

Anyway, they made it back. Here is a picture of Shin. And not to worry: he only appears to be caught in the blast radius of a hydrogen bomb – it was just a sunny day.



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