We approach Christmas down a narrowing funnel of activities: the closer we get, the quicker things (social things, I mean) spin, until at some point on Christmas Eve we pass beyond the event horizon, and for a couple of days, all information is lost. Who knows what happens in there?

Black-Hole-Regions-2_866px-475x444But we are not at that point yet. We are still spinning. Last night at OISE Cambridge, for example, was the office party. I wasn’t able to attend, unfortunately – I am already on holiday. But what I call holiday is itself a quickening circuit of visits and counter-visits rendered ever more complex by expanding families.

The sequence of social activities is loosely mapped on to the period in the liturgical calendar called Advent – the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. What this means to most people these days is an Advent calendar, which used to be merely a melange of seasonally appropriate images, each to be opened on its allotted day, (or a thing made with coat-hangers and flameproof tinsel on Blue Peter), but which now means various daily treats behind windows.

And then, of course, there is the online version, usually a photo or video link each day on a blog. I feel bad for not having provided an OISE Cambridge Advent calendar, but in compensation here is a link to the Fitzwilliam Museum Advent calendar on their Facebook page.




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