Sixty Seconds

I don’t know if it is just a function of growing older, or of the Internet or the development of the so-called (and still elusive) knowledge economy, but people seem to know more about things than they used to. For instance, I don’t think that thirty years ago many non-specialists would have been even passingly familiar with thought experiments such as Schrödinger’s Cat, or with what an event horizon might be, but these are now commonplace cultural objects. Perhaps it is also true that we have lost as much as we have gained, and that Zeno’s Tortoise or the Ship of Theseus are no longer the intellectual loose change they once were.

Here anyway is a brisk rummage through the marketplace of ideas, courtesy of the Open University and narrated by David Mitchell. Each lasts sixty seconds. The first set (of six) are adventures in thought, the second set are adventures in economics, and the third adventures in astronomy.


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