Enterprising Aussies

I’ve reblogged the above from our sister site, OISE Sydney, as it makes interesting, if somewhat perplexing, reading.

Perplexing, because the two figures do not seem to interrelate much (those who express an intention of starting a business, against those who already have). Presumably those who merely express an interest may very well go on to take action. It could be that the high proportion of Italians contemplating the move is advance warning of a vast wave of Italian start-ups.

Then again, starting a business is more an index of virtue than it has ever been, suggesting as it does qualities of dynamism, vision, determination and so on. Even expressing the desire is worthy of approbation. Here is a go-getting individual, we think, impatient of the shackles of such old-fashioned notions as hierarchy, bureaucracy, and even steady competence.

In the end, it is perhaps no coincidence that Anglo-Saxon countries, with their highly-developed (or highly-irresponsible) sense of laissez-faire, top the list. That laissez-faire has in recent decades translated into reasonably (or anyway, relatively) straightforward and transparent bureaucracy. When it comes down to it, all that talk of passion and vision and adventure is really meaningless without the basic mechanics of finance and support in place.


A new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) suggests that Australia could start a lot more businesses.

In an annual survey of global entrepreneurship, 54% of adult Australians said they were interested in starting their own business, compared with nearly 70% of Italians. But 19% of Australians actually began the process, the highest proportion of the 21 countries in the report, whereas only 3% of Italians did so. Nonetheless, PwC frets that “fear of failure” is more common in Australia than in America or Canada, and this could be holding it back. Take a look at the chart below to see how your country compares or go to the full article here.

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