The Porsche and the skip

In the group project this week, students are preparing to excuse themselves for trashing their boss’s blue Porsche.

Years ago I had a friend who, eighteen-years old and having taken two driving lessons, decided to take his sister’s friend’s car for a spin to the end of the road and back, without her permission of course. Unfortunately the car was a Porsche, and before he knew it he was doing 40 on a double-parked road; he swung round a corner barely in control and found a skip blocking his way.



Needless to say, my friend totalled the car.  He was banned from driving for ten years, and his father had to re-mortgage the house in order to pay for a replacement. For all I know, my friend is still paying his father back.

Not a happy story then. Whatever lessons you learn from an experience like that are probably not worth the price. But the temptation is understandable. One of our students this week, Igor Tomadze, tells me he is very keen to visit the Porsche winter driving experience in Finland when he gets a chance, and looking at the picture gallery on the Porsche site (here) I think I might be interested too – the idea of going a bit crazy in a Porsche on an icy track for a few days could conceivably tempt even Igor’s classmate, Yuichiro Furuya, who does not drive a car on environmental principles (I notice, for Yuichiro’s information, that the Porsche 911 Carrera emits 212 g/km of carbon, although I cannot say if that is a lot or a little).


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