A beautiful and vital contribution to our lives…

Today in Cambridge at the Science Festival Engineering in Action is featured:

Caught on camera: engineering in action

Wednesday 13 March 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Entries from the photography competition at the Department of Engineering, sponsored by Carl Zeiss, provide a stunning visual insight into the ways in which engineering makes a beautiful and vital contribution to our lives.

Today’s exhibition reminded us of a trip some of our students made last week to tour the truly beautiful engineering feat that is Lloyd’s of London at No.1 Lime Street.

Nataliia, Philine & Robin

Nataliia Zhernovkova, Ukraine and Philine Pleuger, Germany – OISE students with Robin Erswell from Lloyd’s of London.

This iconic building was designed by the architect Richard Rogers and took eight years to build. Completed in 1984, 33,510 cubic meters of concrete, 30,000 square metres of stainless steel cladding and 12,000 square metres of glass were used during the construction. The result is a wonderfully functional market place for thousands of traders set in a building of sheer beauty.


 The Lloyd’s escalators pictured below are surely the epitome of Engineering in Action.



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