Welcome to the OISE Cambridge official blog!

Why an OISE Cambridge Blog?

The idea of this blog is to serve as a community for students past, present and future, our teachers and staff, our partners and really for any language learners and language lovers. If you’re already studying at OISE Cambridge, it gives you the chance to find out more about the school and city, while improving your English. If you studied with us some time ago, it’s a great way to stay in touch, and tell us your news. If you’re thinking about doing a future course at OISE Cambridge (an excellent idea, if I may say so), it will hopefully give you some sense of what life in Cambridge is like. Above all, this blog is an open forum–so if you’ve comments or ideas for future posts (or you just want to correct my grammar…) don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What will the OISE Cambridge Blog feature?

That’s really up to you! The plan is for this blog to be as varied as possible, to express the huge varieties of students and interests that OISE Cambridge has at any moment. That means: local stories about Cambridge; general stories about Britain in the world, and the English language more generally. We’ll link to excellent English-language sources that will help you to (yes, even you teachers) improve your English. Of course, there will be regular discussions of how best to conjugate the present perfect continuous tense, phrasal verbs, and the phonetic alphabet. Wait, don’t run away, that was a joke! But there may well be the occasional discussion of English, a language that, as you all know, is constantly evolving in new and unpredictable ways. Stay tuned, also, for EXCLUSIVE features of your favourite teachers, featuring deep questions such as what their favourite irregular verb is, and what they really get up to when not teaching EFL…

How can I get involved?

In this modern technological world of ours, there are, of course, lots of ways to get in touch. Respond to posts, start conversations, or suggest new topics, using the handycomments feature beneath each entry. Enter your email address to receive regular updates. And don’t forget to follow our twitter feed– @OISECambridge –where the wonderful Anna can communicate vital information at short notice. Such as: which pub students will be drinking in that night. And just as importantly: which beer they should drink (I recommend Abbott).

How often will the blog be updated?

At present, the plan is to update the blog around three times weekly, to cover a wide range of topics. But depending on your enthusiasm, the schedule is flexible. Above all, you should see this as your forum, to use in whichever ways you think most useful. To start the ball rolling (English idiom #1!), we’ll soon be featuring a true story about a lump of the moon that found its way to a school in Cambridge. No, really. Keep your eyes peeled (English idiom #2!)…